Noble House is a business that started with my fate of having to eat poorly-sanitized street food in Muñoz, Quezon City. I never expected that after all these years, I would be sick from eating this kind of food. With my sickness came a vow to bring Filipino street food to a higher level. Hence, I used up P 350,000 from my personal savings to open Sam's Everything on Sticks in Tutuban Centermall. It was not easy. Aside from competitors selling street food with lower prices, one of our biggest challenges is to complete the product line with clean, reasonably priced, uniquely Filipino street food items that can be found in the streets and duplicate them in a mall. The second challenge was finding foreign street food that will complement our items. So came the evolution of imported items like lobster ball, crab claw, corn dog, shrimp bomb, etc. In a short while, the combination worked. Together with developments in our product line, we also upgraded the equipment and accessories used in the preparation and presentation of our products. Sanitation and attractive presentation using modern technology combined with great customer service to please consumers were our ultimate priorities.





From one outlet in Tutuban, Sam’s Everything on Sticks currently has 69 outlets nationwide.
The success of Sam’s Everything on Sticks did not stop Noble House from continually innovating and developing new products and services.  In February 2011, Oh My Nails Hand, Foot and Body Care opened in Quezon City.
In April 2011, Noble House launched Liloan’s Pride Liempo which sells authentic Cebu Liempo and Lechon Manok.  It also sells real Cebuano fare like danggit, ngohiong and Cebu longanisa.
In September 2011, Tea 101 opened its doors to serve Taiwan’s No.1 Drink to the Filipino public.  It offers bubble tea in a variety of flavor.
Because of this growth surge, Noble House was awarded by Entrepreneur Magazine as Fastest Growing Franchise in 2012.
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Mission and Vision


Noble House’s advocacy ascended to a level higher than sanitizing street food. Our mission is to help Filipinos achieve “The Filipino Dream of one day owning their own successful business. The Franchisee would only granted to those who can afford it, but most importantly to those who have great heart to grow the business with us.

Its vision is to have 1000 stores across Asia.

Message from the CEO



Noble House believes that the success in every franchise business is dependent on the 3 factors that would spell success.

  1. Location - We are proud to say that we offer site assistance to our potential franchisees free of charge. We don't want them to make a mistake in finding a wrong location with a poor traffic count.
  2. Good Concept - We are also committed to continuosly developing new products in order not to bore people with our menu and to enhance them to continuosly drop by our stores. We also maintain an operations department to support franchisees after they open their outlet even without collecting royalties.
  3. Good Franchisee - And equally important is the sweat factor that the franchisee has to put in order to make the entire equation a success.

Another worthy advice is for Franchisees not to have the misconception that a franchise business is a money churning business that rolls on its own. Hence, the connotion that I am not earning enough that would feed my family, bring my kids to school, pay for my rent, my car etc. We really have to separate business with our personal accounts in order not to confuse our cash flow. And lastly, to all the People out there: " Start Small but Dream Big. There is money on stick thru Sam's - Everything on sticks and Itlog on sticks ".

Awards and Recognition








Noble House President
Reymont U. Choachuy receiving
the Go Negosyo Award from
Vice president Jejomar Binay
and Mr. Negosyo himself,
Joey Concepcion.
CEO receives the
Fastest Growing Franchise Award given by Entrepreneur Philippines. 

The Noble House Sales Team
in front of the winning booth
during Franchise Asia 2012.

Tea 101 Franchising was launched in Franchise Asia 2012. Here is the team with the trophy for Best Booth.



Videos and Media Coverage




  • Entrepreneur Magazine
         November 21, 2013                
Mention the word franchising and most enterprise owners looking to grow their business would probably tell you they have, or still are, thinking of it as an expansion tactic. And why would they not, as franchising seems to guarantee a steady and proven way of making money.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
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  • Philippine Star
         September 29, 2010                
MANILA, Philippines - More than 30,000 Filipino youth made a choice and that is to make a change as they all gathered to take part in the recently concluded Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2010, held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, which aimed to empower the young to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude.
  • Go Negosyo
         September 27th, 2010                
This year, we will be recognizing 13 inspiring young entrepreneurs. The Go Negosyo Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur award is our way of giving importance to the youth’s achievements as entrepreneurs and as inspiring role models. Our awardees are remarkable young people with their own entrepreneurial stories to tell.
         September 20, 2010                
Just like any average Pinoy, Reymont Choachuy loves to enjoy the customary street food in the bustling sidewalks or idle kantos around every neighborhood in the Philippines. He was always fond of eating the “street-side delicacy”. Little did he know that this passion for a one-of-a-kind type of food would lead to a very successful entrepreneurial venture.
  • Philippine Star
         September 9, 2010                
MANILA, Philippines - Like the average Filipino Reymont Choachuy loves to enjoy street food in the bustling sidewalks or idle corners of the neighborhood. Little did he know that this passion for eating the “streetside delicacy” would lead to a very successful entrepreneurial venture.


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Go Negosyo Kaya Mo Good Morning Club June 2004, 2013 Us Girls Studio 23

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Profile of the Execom (CEO, COO, and Managers)

Reymont U. Choachuy, CFE
Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Y. Choachuy
Chief Operating Officer
Salvacion N. Buena
Commissary Manager
Kim Bryan Chua
Warehouse Supervisor
Michelle B. Mondala
Bookkeeper/Accounting Head


Organizational Structure