The Humble Beginning

Is a franchising company based in the Philippines. It was established in 2005 and now has a hundred stores nationwide with different food concepts, namely Sam’s Everything on Sticks, Liloan’s Pride Liempo, Limapulo, Tea 101, Irish Potatoes and more.

In 2010, Noble House founder Reymont U. Choachuy was awarded as Go Negosyo’s Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur.


Sam’s Everything on Sticks

Offers local and imported street food on sticks like kikiam, squid balls, crab nuggets, lobsterball, crab eggroll, crab claw, and snowshrimp.

 Tea 101

Offers a variety of Bubble Tea Products imported from Taiwan. Enjoy the benefits of health drinks in delicious and refreshing bubble teas

 Liloan’s Pride Liempo

Treats you to authentic Cebu Liempo and Lechon Manok infused with herbs and spices from Cebu’s lush terrains. It also offers Cebuano delicacies like danggit, longanisa and ngohiong.


Take your taste buds to an authentic Malaysian food experience, our Limapulo have the Best and #1 Laksa in Kuala Lumpur which is now in the Philippines. You will like the aroma and its rich flavor; the texture of the noodle makes it a great Laksa combination.

 Irish Potatoes PH

We make gourmet fries with a Filipino PRODUCTS kick. Our Dandies are not just your ordinary fries, they have stories.

Invest with the #1

Street Food Franchise in the Philippines.



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