Liloan’s Pride Liempo

Liloan’s Pride Liempo was conceptualized when a family from Liloan Cebu decided to share the recipes that they learned from their forebears. In Liloan, the novelty of Cebu Lechon Liempo and Cebu Lechon Manok starts from choosing the freshest and juciest meat, picking garden-fresh organic herbs and spices and selecting the most pleasant-tasting seasoning that Cebu can offer. The meats were marinated with careful attention and meticulous manner in terms of proportions and time. Then, the flavor-infused chicken and pork belly were flawlessly roasted like cebu lechon, a famous Cebuano technique that was passed on for generations. 

Today, Liloan’s Pride Liempo utilizes traditional culinary methods and ingredients together with modern technology. The fusion proved to be enterprising as the age-old method continues to thrive in the modern world. 

In April 16th 2011, the first Liloan’s Pride Liempo outlet opened its door.

You are invited to bite into succulent pieces of herbed premium pork belly and first class spring chicken cooked to perfection with juicy melt-in-you mouth meaty goodness. Smell the aroma and taste the flavor of herbs and spices fresh from Cebu’s lush terrains. 

Each Liempo takes you to a place with a splendid past, enthralling beauty, warm people, and an authentic culinary tradition. 

Discover a secret from Liloan, Cebu….


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