Limapulo is a Peranakan restaurant located in 50 Jalan Doraisamy, 5300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Limapulo is founded by Malaysian Celebrity Chef Uncle John and Famous Malaysian Actor Alan Yun. In ancient Peranakan history the Baba is the male and the Nyonya is the female. Normally the nyonya is the cook of every family but we are commonly tagged as “Baba can cook” because Uncle john have proved all of them wrong Since he came up with an award winning recipes in Limapulo.

Limapulo is an award winning cultural heritage from the streets of Malacca best known for its Nyonya Laksa and Beef Rendang. Nyonya Laksa is an award winning laksa hailed as the best laksa by Star People’s Awards. Among its achievements are lonely planets the best food experience and our Asia’s 8 best noodles in Asia.

Limapulo is best known for its Nyonya aksa but people also love is its Nasi Lemak Meals highlighted by Beef Rendang, Curry Chicken and Baba Chicken, etc. It’s authentic Malaysian flavors are kept whole since all ingredients and spices are best known for Teh Tarik and the Malaysian clay
pot rice.

Limapulo Philippines was first established on February 14,2019 in the world class SM MOA food hall and automatically became an instant Filipinos and Foreigners alike.!!

Our second branch opened on August 4,2020 during the pandemic as we received numerous request for a location outside the mall and hopefully down north. Limapulo Visayas avenue automatically became an instant hit as it became a destination place during this pandemic with Al-Fresco Dining.

It was featured by blogger the Chui Show that went viral with 1.2 Million views and still counting. We hope to reach more destination from within the Philippines.


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