TEA 101

The Tea 101 experience starts from the heart of Taiwan where the most potent tea leaves grow. These leaves were handpicked and packaged fresh by capable hands before they were handpicked and stores. The leaves were brewed the traditional way without the ais of metals or machine. The freshly extracted teas were then mixed with different flavors and sweeteners to make Taiwan’s No.1 Drink.

Tea 101 brings you authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea topped with Imported tapioca pearls, QQ jelly, nata crystals, grass jelly and egg pudding. Flavors range from the bestselling pearl milk tea, sweet and filling fruit flavored teas, tangy yakult green teas to plain brewed Taiwan teas for the extra health conscious. 

Experience the nutritional benefits of tea while enjoying a delicious and satisfying drink.  Share with family and friends for a healthy experience. 

Experience Taiwan. Experience Tea 101. 


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