Irish Potatoes PH

Potatoes and the Irish come a long way. In the 1800s when lands were scarce and life was hard, potatoes were the only plants that Irish folks could grow to feed the entire family.

Farmers, sheep herders, and laborers made the most of what little they have in order to live in relative peace and harmony.

However, the calm would not last. 

Between 1845 to 1849, the great Irish Potato Famine rapidly wreaked havoc all over the land. About a million people left for foreign shores. Over a million died from diseases and hunger in the land they call home. 

Many said it was luck of the Irish. But many more said it was the ardent desire to live. The Irish survived the tragedy. It took a hundred years but they made it. Freedom was theirs. Life was finally good.

The Famine left a legacy of survival and resilience. The hard times ended but the Irish’s love for potatoes remainced because, for them, potato is not just crop, it is a deeply rooted way of life. 


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